tz_canada, an map

A shapefile of the TZ timezones of Canada

This map is no longer maintained. An OSM-based map is available at

Last data update: May 28, 2016

Last page update: May 28, 2016

TZ version: 2016d

The tz_canada shapefile (zip, sha1) captures the TZ timezones of Canada.

The geometries are primarily derived from the fip10s layer, which is in turn primarily based on the VMAP0 polbnda layer. The sources of the intra-provinces boundaries are described below.

All the TZ timezones of Canada listed in TZ’s are represented. In addition, we elected to retain America/Coral_Harbour as a geographical timezone.

Snapshot of the shapefile

This is a snaphsot of the shapefile (many of the smaller zones are not visible at this scale):


Logical description of the zones

CA01 Alberta

CA02 British Columbia

Chris Walton describes the area around Creston as follows:

The area includes:

CA03 Manitoba

CA04 New Brunswick

CA05 Newfoundland and Labrador

CA07 Nova Scotia

CA08 Ontario

CA09 Prince Edward Island

CA10 Quebec

CA11 Saskatchewan

The Saskatchewan Time Act provides for various areas, in particular school divisions (before their reorganization) to choose their time.

CA12 Yukon Territory

CA13 Northwest Territories

CA14 Nunavut


Construction of the shapefile

The ingredients (zip, sha1) contain a set of source shapefiles and a script to build the final map from them.

We have a separate shapefile for each province. In each shapefile, we capture the timezone boundaries internal to the province. The idea is that those shapefiles can be combined with various base shapefiles providing the provincial boundaries. (The particular problem we want to solve is that Canada has many islands, and we prefer to not have to worry about those and the provinces they are in when dealing with timezones).

Terms of use

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