The goal of the UDHR in XML project is to disseminate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) across the world. This project complements the UDHR Translation Project of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) by making the text available in a uniform, repurposable form.

You can access the translations by the map below (HTML version only) or by the table of translations (XML, plain text, HTML) You can also access some aggregate documents showing all or part of the translations. Or you can consult the underlying Github repository eric-muller/udhr.

You are encouraged to contribute to this project by reviewing existing translations or by providing new ones. Many thanks to those who already contributed!

You may also enjoy the video and audio recordings at http://udhr.video.

The UDHR and all its translations are obviously part of our commons.

Recent updates

June 16, 2024: the Ayoreo [ayo], Tsimané [cas], Guarani, Western Bolivian [gnw], Wichí Lhamtés Nocten [mtp], Quechua, North Bolivian [qul], Sirionó [srq] and Tujia, Nothern [tji] translations are available for review.

June 15, 2024: new translations from the OHCHR site, available for review: Jamaican English Creole [055], Saint Lucian Creole French [056].

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